New! NZBioAmino

Waikaitu NZBioAmino Nitrogen 9%

If you need to fight crop stress.

If you want to ensure maximum yields from your crops.

If you want to increase flowering and fruit setting in challenging conditions.

Then NZBioAmino is your best ally against crop stress.

NZBioAmino Nitrogen is an organically certified source of mostly vegetable amino acids for superior nutrition. Contains some of the highest concentrations of Amino Acids in combination with seaweed extract.

Application and Dose

Apply on plant leaves at dilution of 200:1 water. 3L/HA no more than every 3 weeks.

Free Amino Acids   70% (w/w)
Total Nitrogen         9% (w/w)
Organic Nitrogen    9% (w/w)
Potassium (K)        1.57 (w/w)
Calcium (Ca)            .58 (w/w)
Boron  (B)               0.02 (w/w)
Manganese (Mn)  0.06 (w/w)
Zinc ( Zn)                 0.09 (w/w)
Organic Matter     72% (w/w)

Also contains natural Iodine, Selenium, Betains and PGRs
Greater Nutrient Absorption
The complexing power of the amino acids in NZBioAmino increase the availability of macro and micronutrients in the soil.

Stress Resistance
NZBioAmino increases crop resistance to situations of stress (drought, frost, phytotoxicity, etc.) and maintains photosynthetic activity and enhances rapid recovery.

High Compatibility
Can be applied together with standard nutritional and phytosanitary treatments and enhances their absorbtion and effectiveness.

Certified as input into organic operations.
The quality standards followed in preparations of NZBioAmino are guarantees of its consistency and activity and ensure that no toxic chemicals are used in making of this product.

Locally Made
Made in NZ with only Marlborough Sounds harvested seaweed.

Lowest levels of heavy metals. Made with invasive seaweed, not with indigenous species. Free of Potassium Hydroxide, AAs and QAC’s.