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botrytis reduction

To reduce grape splitting

Frost damage reduction

To reduce cold weather stress
in early season

Heat damage reduction

To reduce heat and
drought stress

Rain damage reduction

To reduce cherry splitting due to rain events prior to harvest

Wind damage reduction

To help plants cope with wind damage

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Fruit Guard helps to reduce splitting

“The positive result with FruitGuard on reducing split in cherries, and split and botrytis in grapes suggests the prod­uct has considerable potential to assist cherry and grape growers achieve higher yields of quality fruit.”

David Jacobsen, Viticulture Consultant, Blenheim Marlborough


Osmoprotectant Biostimulant + 5% Nitrogen

FruitGuard is a novel product that combines biostimulant qualities of Undaria Pinnatifida Brown Kelp, with a greater level of  Trimethylglycine (TMG) than is naturally found in seaweed.

Together with  Polyphenols and Anthocyanins which are potent antioxidants, these ingredients combine to help reduce abiotic stress in plants. Three main components of FruitGuard work together to nourish the plant, improve abiotic stress resistance and improve plant recovery by reducing oxidative damage.


Cherries – for split reduction:
Apply 5 lt/ha every 7-10 days from early colour change through to 5 days pre-harvest.

Grapes – for early season, cool temperature stress reduction: Apply 1.5 lt/ha, 2 weeks after bud break, increasing the rate with each application up to 4 lt/ha at pre-flower. Based on 2.5M row spacing

For split and botrytis reduction:
Apply 4 lt/ha from 2-3 weeks after bunch closure, and every spray thereafter, until 10 days pre-harvest. Based on 2.5M row spacing.

Important note:
Please use together with a non-ionic surfactant at label rates.
This product is not a fungicide or a biocontrol.


Undaria Pinnatifida Extract,


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