Certification and Independent Testing

At Waikaitu, we believe in third party, independent testing, verification and licensing. Our customers need to know where their product comes from, its composition and quality as well as its organic status. The want to be sure that the products we sell are sustainable, and ecologically responsible. We believe that having rigorous third party testing is the best way to assure our customers of our commitment to quality and sustainability.

BioGro Input into Organic Farming Operations Certification

3071035Waikaitu has achieved certified status for its Garden Booster and NZBioActive Seaweed Fertilizers Number 5467 You can download our Organic Certificate from this link.

Licensed Pest Seaweed Harvester by Ministry of Primary Industries

5937994Undaria Pinnatifida is an invasive Species in New Zealand. For more information on New Zealand effort to remove this biological threat from our waters please follow this link:
Waikaitu has applied and received a license to responsibly harvest this seaweed from our waters.

Product Safety Testing - Heavy Metals

6401927Waikaitu products are tested for heavy metals by Eurofins New Zealand. Eurofins New Zealand provide laboratory testing services to the Food, Pharmaceutical, Environmental and Agricultural/ Horticultural industries.

Product Safety Testing - Amino Alcohols and QACs

6227971Waikaitu tests their products for Amino Alcohols and Quaternary Ammonia Compounds at Assure Quality Global experts in Food Safety and Quality in over 40 countries worldwide, to assure the safety and quality of food being produced for millions of people.